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Art Parties!
 Jackie Freeman, MA, BFA holds university degrees in fine arts (painting) and adult education.  Her art parties are held at venues of all kinds. Supplies are provided!

It's fun and easy. Right away you'll be painting in the style of famous masters like Picasso or Van Gogh. You'll take home a finished canvas with techniques you'd see in London's Tate Gallery or the Louvre in Paris, a collage, or painted wineglasses perhaps. 

Parties are held in community rooms, bars, rec centers, tasting rooms, college classrooms, private homes, senior centers, and outdoors. 

You may hear funny, surprising, startlng - perhaps touching - tales of how the artists struggled to become famous; their eccentricities, obsessions, and superstitions. Jackie researches international publications and follows art reviews to learn little-known fascinating details about the artists' lives.      

It's a laid-back scene. People come for "the experience," to paint museum works with like-minded others and channel the Great Masters.

The painting steps are planned with you in mind. Everything you need to complete your personal masterpiece is waiting for you, apron included.



“Ah, good taste! What a dreadful thing! 
Taste is the enemy of creativeness.” 
 ― Pablo Picasso